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Retiring is the easy part... we help you plan for and enjoy a financially sound retirement through tax minimization, lifetime income and diversification beyond mutual funds, stocks, bonds and real estate. Most financial advisors are focused on the “accumulation phase” of saving for your retirement while you are still employed but what about the “disbursement phase” of spending during your retirement? Will your money last a lifetime? What about market corrections and tax implications? Market corrections are difficult to endure while you are still employed and earning & saving money, but they are devastating after you retire and rely on your investments for income. You need a diversified portfolio which also includes more stable investment products with lifetime guaranteed income to weather those storms.


Everyone knows they need to save for their retirement. But the 2 questions I hear most are “How much will I need before I can retire comfortably?” and “Where should I invest my retirement savings – both now and after I retire?” If the answer to those two questions were simple then I’d be out of work. As you might imagine, the answers depend on many unique individual factors. Asking the right questions and listening to your answers are the key to help us create a personalized retirement strategy designed to fit your needs.

However, I can tell you three common areas where I can help people focus:

  1. The impact of taxes on their savings
  2. Lack of diversification in other assets besides mutual funds, stocks, bonds & real estate (remember 2008-09)
  3. Lack of guaranteed income sources

With asset allocation* these three issues can be managed– the sooner you get started the better. We’re here to help you find YOUR unique path to retirement.

*Asset allocation is a strategy that allocates funds according to an individuals time horizon, risk tolerance and goals.  It does not guarantee a profit or protection against loss.  

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The good news is that we are all living longer… the bad news is that we need to find a way to support ourselves much longer after retirement. We can help plan your path to and through retirement.

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We provide full service financial planning, investment services and insurance for both individuals and businesses – and we do it with a personal touch.

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